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A look back a 2016
01-04-2017, 07:17 PM
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A look back a 2016
It’s 2017! Time for a look back…
This year, while long and difficult for many, treated us here at AdsBridge very well.

We are glad to say that we have grown, and expect to keep expanding throughout 2017.

We wanted to offer you an overview of where we’ve been, who we’ve added to the team, and what we’ve been up to!

So what exactly have we done? Here’s the breakdown.

World-Wide Conferences:

2016 turned out to be a year of travel for The AdsBridge Team! We attended over seven conferences all over the world including; Kinsa, Cpaconf, Affiliate World Europe, Affiliate Summit East, Affiliate World Asia, and we’ll be attending Affiliate Summit West in January. From Berlin to Bangkok, the growth we experienced after these conferences has been very positive. We cannot wait to see what the conferences of 2017 bring!

[Imagem: IMG_70111-e1483448842146.jpg]

Ilya and Helen were all smiles for AWA in Bangkok!

[Imagem: 14633231_1070157686434916_14082071067813...850817.jpg]

The CEO is always busy! Especially in Moscow City!

[Imagem: %5E97A4D4B7320A3EABB284363AD05B30F7B98B5...906732.jpg]

Friends were everywhere!

The AdsBridge Family:

[Imagem: 31-e1483448861886.png]

We’ve almost doubled in size! AdsBridge brought on 5 new team members, among whom include Zach (PR/Business Development Manager) and Anna (Support Team).

[Imagem: 14359256_1433989646618186_34835541637729...990870.jpg]

Zach is our American Team Member, and he now lives in Kyiv, Ukraine! He loves travel, languages, and cultures. He’s pictured on the left.

[Imagem: %5E121A4DE18CDEC1CF28A629249A7380CE861F8...071320.jpg]
Anna is our wonderfully talented and oh-so-smart Support Team Specialist. In her free time, she loves to watch her favourite tv shows (any American Horror Story fans here?).

Visits to Our Site:

Our Team isn’t the only thing that has grown this year. The traffic to the AdsBridge website increased from 98,838 unique visits in 2015 to 158,530 in 2016, and our email client base is now over 20,000! AdsBridge clients’ traffic volumes even grew to 10 Billion clicks! In short, our growth in 2016 was stable and upward, and we expect it to continue throughout 2017.

[Imagem: 1365588104_1122303_9903046_lz.jpg]

Updates Galore!

This year brought about many updates. The Tech Team worked very hard to meet the expectations and changes of the field. Some of our top additions in 2016 were; campaign wizard, test campaign URL, unique redirect rule, conversion status in the S2S postback, exit pop-up in visual editor, new data centers in North America, precise Facebook tracking, and much more! Be sure to check out our brand new FAQs as well!

[Imagem: EN-FAQ-_-Help-will-always-be-given-at-Ad...471741.png]

2016 had it’s ups and downs, and even with the election of Donald Trump and death of Harambe, we think that this year went well. We firmly believe that 2017 will bring us more good fortune, hard work, and loyal clients.

We hope you had a beautiful New Year!

-The AdsBridge Team

AdsBridge, proud to be a member of Forum Black Hat since Apr 2016.
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