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Chinese wooden flooring manufacturers
08-13-2018, 04:32 PM
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Chinese wooden flooring manufacturers
<p>from the Ministry of Finance said that the adjustment in September last year was difficult to change in price due to the consideration of some signed export contracts,<a href=''>railing road for sale los angeles</a> and a three-month transition period was specially set for reducing corporate losses. However, a lot of false contracts appeared during the implementation process,
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which affected the regulation effect of the national macro policy and caused unfair competition among enterprises. </p>
<p>In addition to false contracts,<a href=''>composite wood cladding philippines</a> it is another major drawback for companies to rush to export. The products that are subject to tax cuts are concentrated in the three-month rush to export, thus making the policy greatly discounted. Therefore, in view of the adjustment of the export tax rebate policy to alleviate the excessive trade surplus as the main policy objective,
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considering the problem of the transition period of the export tax rebate </p>
<p>policy adjustment last year,<a href=''>outdoor wood decking material natural</a> there is no transition period for the adjustment of the export tax rebate policy. “The phenomenon of “blowout” did not appear in the customs declaration.” The relevant person in charge of Dalian Customs introduced the reporter. On the eve of the implementation of each tax rebate policy,
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many foreign trade companies will be busy working overtime, grab the export, and catch the last glimpse of the "last bus", but </p>
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